Open Access Erasmus staff week 2017

Open Access Erasmus Staff Week 2017

For the third year, the libraries network of the University of Liege (ULiège Library) organizes an “Open Access Erasmus Staff Week” to expose, question and reflect on the new roles and opportunities which emerged from the Open Access & Open Science movement for the academic libraries.

Based both on ULiège Library’s expertize and on each participant’s experience in Open Access, the main OA components will be addressed : mandates, author rights, Open Science, libraries roles, etc. Some sessions will be collaborative and, for others, participants will be invited to expose their own open access experiences (see more details on the themes below).

Where? : University of Liège (Belgium) - libraries network of the University of Liege (ULiège Library) - When? : 8 to 12 may 2017

Target group : Librarians, or any staff member working in an academic library/institution and concerned by the development and implementation of open access/science tools and services.

Information & contact : D. Chalono

Programme & presentations

Programme & link to the presentation

Some ULiège Library projects in a nutshell


General presentation of the ULiège Library & OA Mandate (Paul Thirion)

Belgium and European Framework (Eric Laureys)

DoNum : Digitization projects @ ULiège (Dominique Chalono)


ORBi : implementation & added value (Dominique Chalono)

Matheo & Urbi (François Paquot)

What about you? Your platforms & their added value


PoPuPs, Scoap3 & “Fair” Gold (Paul Thirion)

Current challenges of Open Access & evolution of the movement (Dominique Chalono)

What about you?


Author rights & Open Access (Laurence Thys)

Open research data (François Paquot)

What about you?

Promoting Open Science - workshop - (scan of the posters)

A few pictures by M. Houet


Presentation and demonstration of the various open access initiatives developed at the ULiège and their specific functionalities

  • ORBi : Open repository and bibliography of the ULiège. Based on a strong open access mandate, the institutional repository of the ULiège aims to collect, preserve and diffuse the scientific production and communication of the university’s members.
  • PoPuPs : Is intended to allow ULiège schorlars to easily, rapidly and freely publish their full-text journals online
  • MatheO : MatheO (Master Thesis Online) is the gateway to master's thesis from the University of Liège. It aims not only to solve the problem of paper archiving and perennial preservation, but also to offer a much wider accessibility and visibility to these students' works, many of them being of good scientific quality.
  • DONum : Create as a virtual library, DONum is dedicated to the dissemination of digitized scientific, heritage or cultural collections of the university services and his partners
  • Author rights & Open Access. Problematic of the author rights within the context of Open Access. What is the author’s right from a juridical point of view? Do I have the right to put my publications on my institutional repository? Will I lose my author rights if I choose to publish in OA?
  • What about you? On voluntary basis, the participants will have the possibility to present their projects, experiences, problems and solutions about open access/science/data.
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