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Publishing on PoPuPS

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The Open Access publication portal for ULiège's scientific periodicals
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Are you the publisher of a scientific periodical or do you want to create one?

As a ULiège member, you can publish your periodicals online with Open Access through PoPuPS, the institution's publication portal for scientific periodicals (Portail de Publication de Périodiques Scientifiques).

PoPuPS makes it possible to improve the visibility and reputation of your periodicals at the international level.


Editorial independence

PoPuPS is based on partnership:

  • We develop the platform and provide technical support for managers of periodicals.
  • You retain full responsibility for the content that you disseminate, as well as your editorial independence.

Each periodical retains the freedom to simultaneously disseminate its issues in printed format.


  • Interoperability, thanks to compliance with international OAI standards.
  • Access statistics for periodical articles.
  • RSS feeds.
  • Technology developed by


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