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Invoice Stamping Request

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Publications that are purchased on any account linked to the university are for the benefit of the university community as a whole and must be catalogued.

The aim is to enable everyone to benefit from the documentary resources available within the institution and to avoid potential duplicate purchases.

In practice

  • Hand in the publications to be stamped along with their invoice (or delivery slip, or receipt) at the reception desk of the facility to which your department is attached.
  • We will stamp the document and register it in the library-management system.
  • Publications can usually be collected within 24 hours of deposit, unless otherwise stated.
  • The library will also stamp the invoice (or delivery slip) with the inventory number of the publication, in order to enable the invoice to be paid or the researcher to be reimbursed by the Financial Resource Administration.

Access to stamped documents

If the documents are stored in a department, the publication’s record will have a note saying ‘Contact the department’. The department is then free to manage access to the document as it wishes; it will be responsible for any loans.

Don't need the documents anymore?

Have you finished a research project? Think about the others and send the documents to the library! 😉

When a publication is no longer used by a department (retirement, department reorganization, etc.), it is transferred to the library collections for preservation and to ensure that it can be accessed.

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