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Uploading to ORBi

Corps de texte

An institutional policy

On 23 May 2007, the University of Liège's Board of directors decided to create an institutional ULiège bibliography and to establish an institutional policy for uploading university publications, in order to increase their visibility, accessibility and impact.

ORBi (Open Repository and Bibliography), therefore, is:

  • an institutional bibliography that references ULiège members’ publications;
  • an institutional repository of the full texts of these publications, with optional open access.

The following must be uploaded:

  • references for all ULiège members’ publications since 2002;
  • the full texts of periodical articles that have been published by ULiège members since 2002.

Why upload to ORBi?

ORBi enables greater and better visibility for the scientific publications produced by ULiège members:

  • The references and documents that are uploaded to the repository are indexed online in a series of Open-Access search engines and harvesting portals: Google, Google Scholar, OAIster, BASE, Scientific Commons, etc.  Therefore, within one hour, a reference archived on ORBi can be seen on the first page of Google search results!
  • The advantage of Open Access in terms of impact for researchers is now proven: open-access publications are more frequently cited, as evidenced by many studies (including those referenced in the Open Citation Project bibliography).
  • ORBi ensures the long-term conservation of the Institution’s scientific output.

Furthermore, ORBi offers ULiège members different tools to share, disseminate and promote their publications:

  • a link from the ULiège directory to the list of publications by the author in ORBi;
  • the generation of lists of publications, in accordance with international bibliographical standards;
  • the generation of lists of references via a widget, which makes it possible to include dynamic content on personal, departmental and faculty web pages;
  • easy management of reprint request for documents that are under restricted access.


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