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References Management

Gérer sa bibliographie
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References management is an integral part of the information literacy process.

Objectives of good references management:

References management software

A good references management software is very useful when managing your documents, and offer functions that are impossible to implement with a word processor or spreadsheet.

Main features:

  • Links between references and documents are saved on the computer or online.
  • References from a search engine or database are imported automatically.
  • Bibliographies are generated automatically, in accordance with stylistic standards for citations in word processing software (Word, OpenOffice, etc.).
  • Bibliographic references can be shared between researchers.

Zotero: a free and open source tool 

There are a multitude of references management tools. For ethical reasons and ease of use, we favour the free and open source tool Zotero in our training and support offer.


Install Zotero

Collect, organise, quote and share your documents easily.

Zotero training


Registering for a course

We regularly organise training courses dedicated to references management with Zotero.

Guide d'utilisation de Zotero

Zotero User Guide

See our interactive guide (in French).


Video tutorials

We regularly post online video tutorials.

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