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Off-Campus Access (VPN)

Accès hors campus (VPN)
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Did you know that you can easily access most of our electronic resources from home, 24 hours a day, using a VPN?

Please note:

  • The VPN is only available to members of the university or CHU (staff or students). External users (their user ID starts with B) and alumni are not allowed to use the VPN.
  • Utilisez le VPN uniquement si vous êtes en dehors du campus.
  • Use the VPN only if you are off campus.
  • The VPN does not provide access to all electronic resources.
  • Observe the legal limitations when using electronic resources.

Go to the download page

1) Install the appropriate VPN

  • The software is called "BIG-IP Edge" on Windows/macOS and "F5-Access" on other platforms.
  • CHU staff members: download the preconfigured CHULiège VPN software.

Go to the download page

2) Log in and select the "ULiege Acces Bibliotheques" server

In order to increase IT security, as of September 18, 2023, the "ULiege Acces Bibliothèques" VPN configuration now only gives access to library resources subscribed by ULiège Library for the University.

To access other services reserved for the university community (shared file servers, SAP CATS and other services restricted to the intranet), use the "ULiege Acces Intranet" configuration.

3) Preferably, also log in to our catalog (at the top right)

Tutorial for Windows

Tutoriel for Mac

1) Enable the VPN and empty your browser’s cache

If you have tried logging in to a resource with secure access without having enabled the VPN first. Once the VPN has been enabled, we recommend that you empty your browser’s cache (history) or use another browser.

Detailed instructions for:

2) Are you a member of the university community? 

Only members of the university and CHU community (staff and students) may access electronic resources when not on campus.

External users (their ID starts with the letter B) are not authorised to access the VPN.

3) The resource may be unavailable off campus

For contractual reasons, some of our resources are unfortunately not accessible off campus, even with the VPN enabled.

For instance, certain paid Belgian legal databases are only accessible during certain periods.

See the calendar for accessing the databases

4) Tried all the solutions above and still have the same problem?

Contact us


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