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Documentary Research Service

Service de recherche documentaire
Corps de texte

The Health - CHU and Veterinary Medecine branches gives you special assistance with your scientific research needs.

  • If you are a student, you will find all the help you need by contacting the library reception desk directly (CHU, B-34, level -1).
  • If you are a professional, whether or not you are a member of the university or Liège CHU, we offer you:
    1. One-time assistance with using the institution’s resources, which is available directly from the library reception desk or by phone (+32 04 366 21 70) or email (
    2. Personalised support with improving an existing research strategy. Please feel free to contact us by email ( or by phone*, in order to make an appointment 
    3. A paid document research and selection service, which leads to the development of bibliographies based on your criteria. This service may be useful for:
      1. a simple prior art search;
      2. drafting a research project, with or without a grant application;
      3. preparing a systematic review (SR) or a meta-analysis (MA).
        This work requires critical reading skills for RCT (randomised controlled trials), SR, MA and clinical recommendations (guidelines);
      4. or any other circumstance, etc.

Please feel free to submit your queries by email (

*Contact us directly:

  • Sandrine Vandenput (04 366 41 94), Doctor in Veterinary Sciences
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