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Library Card

Carte de lecteur externe
Corps de texte

Anyone who is registered at the University of Liège has automatic access to the libraries. Users who are not members of the university community and alumni can obtain an external reader's card.

You can pre-register online.


How much does it cost?

The annual subscription is:

  • Free of charge for those who wish to use our services and resources for personal, not-for-profit purposes. However, a one-time contribution of €5 is requested for the card.
  • €50 per year for those who wish to use our services and resources for profitable endeavours (legal professions, companies, pharmaceutical firms, etc.). The €5 cost for the card is included in the annual subscription fee.

If the card is lost or damaged, a new fee contribution shall be requested.

Where can I get the card?

You can register or re-register at ULiège Library, on the following campuses and facilities:

If you visit the Reading room, you will receive your card directly. If you re-register at another facility, your card will be sent to you a few days later by post.

Do I need to provide a photo?

The cards can only be produced with a photo. When you (re-)register, you can provide our employees with a digital photo. Several facilities are also equipped to take your photo on-site.

Which postal address should I give when I register?

When you register at ULiège Library, it is important that you give us a postal address where you can be easily contacted (in particular to send your library card). Please be careful if you are living in a student residence. If necessary, do not hesitate to inform our employees of the different addresses where you can be contacted.

Can I access the library during the cramming period?

During the cramming period, only ULiège students may study at the library. Externals are welcome the rest of the year and may still use our resources and services (borrowing, etc.).

Do I have access to all services?

Some services are reserved for members of the university community.

  • VPN is not available to external users. You can access electronic resources from any campus.
  • Digitization on demand is not available to external users.
  • Inter-library loans are not free for external users (prices).

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How do I renew my subscription?

Simply visit one of the locations listed above. Annual renewal of your external reader subscription is free of charge.

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