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Terms & Conditions | Coworking Spaces at ULiège Library

Salle de travail
Corps de texte

The rooms and collaborative workspaces are reserved for ULiège members, in particular students, to enable them to carry out their group work without disturbing other users. These rooms and spaces are exclusively intended for study, teaching and research activities and can only be booked for groups, from a minimum of 2 people to the maximum capacity of the space or table (when several groups can share the same space).

Some library branches offer carrels for 1 or 2 people or places that can be booked during busy periods (e.g. cramming periods, exams).

Making a reservation guarantees that the user will be able to occupy the space, room or seat for as long as they wish. During busy periods, priority will be given to users who have made a reservation. Reservations can be made via the "Book it" platform ( or at the reception desk of the library where the room or space is located.

All rooms and spaces are usually equipped with sockets for laptops and Wi-Fi. Some have a video projector, sometimes on request: you will find this information on Book it.

ULiège Library reserves the right to accept or refuse booking requests, in particular to ensure fair access for all students, and to cancel a booking for compelling reasons.

If the user is unable to attend, they are asked to cancel their booking (preferably via the link provided or, failing that, by e-mail or telephone) so that the space, room or seat can be made available for other users.

All bookings may be cancelled if the group does not show up within the first 30 minutes of their booking.

The rules of good conduct remain applicable in the collaborative workspaces and rooms. In particular, respect for the cleanliness and safety of the premises and quiet behaviour without excessive noise. In areas where different groups will be sharing space, each user will show courtesy and respect and ensure that the working environment is pleasant for all. Any inappropriate behaviour may result in the immediate exclusion of the user, as well as a ban on future bookings for a specified period.

Users are required to notify staff of any damage before the start of the work session. The user will be held responsible for any damage not reported.

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